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  • Lance Rice

Show The Product. Use The Product. Save Money.

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Goal: Introduce convention attendees to a state of the art business messaging platform.

When you sell a hammer, it’s pretty easy to explain what it does. When your product is more like a swiss army knife, there is no end to its utility, so promoting its functionality becomes more challenging, especially when there’s nothing else out there like it.

The solution: show a variety of ways it can be used to solve a problem or make your process more efficient. Even if your business need isn’t one of the examples shown, at least the creative juices get flowing and the flexibility of your product is on full display.

Enter the look book, a collection of widely-varying case scenarios mocked up in a full-color booklet for your browsing pleasure. A stunning piece that really gets the point across, showing that the only limitation is your imagination. Printing enough of them for each attendee, however, was not in the budget.

The better solution is to convert content into a digital format that attendees can browse on their smartphone. I had already produced all the content so it was just a matter of finding the best way to host it. Luckily, I had heard of a freshly launched Adobe product called Spark that was perfect for the job.

I just had to break the look book down into its individual parts and recreate it to be a more interactive experience better suited for mobile usage. Once that was complete it just a matter of setting up a convenient way for thousands of people at a busy convention to access it.

One key component of the product was omnichannel messaging so delivering the digital piece became a no-brainer. Nothing shows off a product better than having people actually use it. Setting up a messaging channel where the passersby could just text “lookbook” and have it launch right in their hands was a breeze. Plus it was a far better and more environmentally friendly solution than a stack booklets.

Having a few books at the booth for people to look at while they were talking to our experts, combined with an easy way for passersby to get the digital version worked out great.

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