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If there was a problem

Yo, I'll solve it

Vanilla Ice

Case Studies Top

Case Studies

Most solutions are straightforward and can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Sometimes problems require taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and create an outside of the box solution. Other times it takes an active eye constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve efficiency or effectiveness.


No matter the type of problem I’ll take on the challenge.


The Pandemic Pivot

Goal: Convert what had been exclusively in-person event-based recruitment efforts to digital while continuing to support internal marketing efforts.



  • Wrote and designed the Microsoft Customer Co-creation program’s first public-facing webpage

  • Created feedback session exit survey to establish resonating talking points

  • Produced promotional videos and presentations for online events

  • Coordinated with backend developer to create 2-step signup process

  • Partnered with stakeholders to develop social media campaign and content

  • Multitasked internal marketing efforts including re-write / design the internal portal, produce case study videos, and create targeted internal newsletters for the Cloud + AI division


Due to the pandemic, our recruitment effectively dropped to zero. As of Q4 2020 assets were in place to launch online recruitment efforts and program sign-ups had begun steadily increasing.


Show The Product. Use The Product. Save Money.

Goal: Introduce convention attendees to our state of the art business messaging platform.



  • Produced a print piece showing a variety of ways to use our business messaging platform

  • Converted into a digital format to increase reach and lower cost

  • Utilized our messaging platform for distribution

Best viewed on mobile

Doing What it Takes

Goal: Create from scratch a new website that effectively positions the product and remove the update burden from the development team.



  • Project managed from start to finish a new website

  • Collaborated to write content and plan messaging flow 

  • Stepped in to take over design duties to correct course, stay within budget, and meet the deadline

Comcast Spotlight

Power (not on) Point

Goal: Improve the polish and professionalism of our client presentations.



  • Took initiative to become a presentation expert after seeing an organizational need

  • Collaborated across markets to set up a training program

  • Created highly polished interactive presentations that could be effectively localized without sacrificing quality

3 to 5 Days For That?

Well That Just Won’t Do

Goal: Increase the adoption of a new sales tactic and take the production burden off an overworked department.



  • Took initiative to test out a new way to produce prospecting videos

  • Decreased turnaround time from days to minutes

  • Allowed for anyone in the organization to produce the videos so the production team could focus on client work

Better Results Come From Better Messaging

The Goal: Produce industry-focused interactive presentations that generate new revenue.



  • Took initiative to make a bigger impact with client’s by creating a series of highly targeted interactive presentations

  • Collaborated with multiple departments to compile target industries and effective talking points



Closed over $60k local ad buy the first time it was used and served as a base model for future presentation throughout the division.

The Path Not Taken

Or Even Thought Of

Goal: Create a way to surface 200+ slides worth of content that is intuitive for the salesperson and considerate of the prospect’s time.



  • Created from scratch a first of its kind non-linear presentation tool with an intuitive user interface

  • Wrote and designed 200+ pages of content 

  • Collaborated with IT a process to push updates

  • Earned company wide award for innovation

Spotlight 2

Something Old, Something New

Something Borrowed

Something Blew (Minds)

Goal: Come up with a fresh design for our 10th annual client party



  • Created a design that was flexible enough to integrate 50+ network logos and show images that came in all shapes and sizes

  • Worked with printers to ensure all 60 pieces met quality and timeline expectations

  • Design was used for years to come and adopted by other markets



“Lance is one of the most creative people I know. He's one of my favorite people to 'idea' with. Having known him for years and worked with him in side projects, I've seen him in both personal and professional capacities. In both, he's friendly, sharp, and fun to work with and be around.


He's a constant learner, and cannot do anything in life in half measures - an admirable quality that I've always appreciated in him and wanted to emulate. Any team would be so incredibly fortunate to have him - he'll stretch himself and others, be an integral part of the team culture and energy, and be a positive, driven force to bring together solid marketing, projects, and tools. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a creative, fun, and smart individual to really jump in and run with marketing programs.” 

—  Jennifer Mislinksi, Measured Results Marketing

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