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Lance Rice

Marketing - Design - Communications


Professional highlights include establishing a lead generation department and processes, leading GIS mapping committee, developing advanced sales tools, creating targeted multi-touch campaigns, and improving efficiencies that save both time and money.
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Hello! I'm Lance


Though I have over 15 years of professional experience as a marketer, designer, copywriter, and communications specialist, etc... I don’t consider myself to be any of those things. I am more of a lifelong learner who uses these skills—as well as others I haven’t yet learned—to push the envelope and produce engaging products.


Basically, I’m a problem solver. Show me a puzzle and I’ll create an innovative solution.


Revenue Operations Manager


  • Project Managed and designed a new company website from the ground up 

  • Produced multiple targeted videos to promote and provide an overview of our product 

  • Wrote blog posts, newsletters, and social media content

  • Designed all print, digital, and conference materials 

  • Created landing pages and support materials for targeted campaigns


Marketing Communications Specialist
West Division


  • Created category specific prospecting collateral. Healthcare version closed 60k first time it was used

  • Rolled out Marketo marketing automation software to the West Division, trained departments on usage, created templates, and stewarded initial campaigns

  • Lead ESRI GIS mapping committee

    • Developed online map creation tool

    • Created process, trained basic users, and wrote training materials

    • Worked with division leaders to establish design standards

  • Devised a new process for producing targeted prospecting videos that reduced turnaround time from 3-5 days to 3-5 minutes while also removing the burden from the video production team

  • Maintained West Division’s Market Websites, created microsites for targeted campaigns, and supported E-Marketing efforts

  • Selected to take part in national sports and political initiative committees 

  • Started a presentation training program for Account Planners to improve their PowerPoint, design, and writing skills


Marketing Communications Specialist
NW Region


  • Rebranded sales and marketing materials to create a stronger visual identity and developed copy that speaks directly to the client

  • Collaborated with sales managers to design a flash based sales tool that allows Account Executives to present slides in a non-linear fashion. This tool also won a company wide GEM award for innovation.

  • Managed website content for multiple markets with a focus on SEO and usability that contributed to a dramatic increase in quality leads

  • Created internal newsletters to promote an internal brand and increase cross market communication

  • Responsible for all print and web materials for the NW region
    Worked with a team to organize and create materials for client events


  • Designed materials for target account marketing campaigns such as Washington State Auto Dealers Association

  • Created support materials and an interactive tracking process for divisional and local ad sales contests

  • Developed modules that can launch from PowerPoint to accurately represent the company’s advertising options

  • Frequently trained co-workers in various technical skill sets such as Photoshop, Flash, and print design


Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing

Graduated 2002


Elements of Design and Elements of Drawing

Attended in 2010

Fundamentals of User Experience

Attended in 2014


Adobe Creative Suite

Word Press & other CMS Systems


Microsoft Office

Constant Contact & Other Email Sites





“Lance is one of the most creative people I know. He's one of my favorite people to 'idea' with. Having known him for years and worked with him in side projects, I've seen him in both personal and professional capacities. In both, he's friendly, sharp, and fun to work with and be around.


He's a constant learner, and cannot do anything in life in half measures - an admirable quality that I've always appreciated in him and wanted to emulate. Any team would be so incredibly fortunate to have him - he'll stretch himself and others, be an integral part of the team culture and energy, and be a positive, driven force to bring together solid marketing, projects, and tools. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a creative, fun, and smart individual to really jump in and run with marketing programs.” 

—  Jennifer Mislinksi, Measured Results Marketing

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